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What Is The Fastlane?

The FastLane on is an experimental, private, lightly moderated chat, separate from the main "General Chat" forum, designed to be a space for more sensitive or inflammatory discussions. It allows a broader range of speech, covering topics such as politics, national laws, hot button social issues, heated arguments, and non-PG content. Access to FastLane is limited, and not everyone can join. Participants must be prepared for intense and challenging discussions, as engaging in this space demands a thick skin.

Rules For Posting

The Fastlane is lightly moderated, but rules still apply.
  • If you are posting about national politics, politicians, national laws, hot button social issues, it must go in the Fastlane category only, not in General Chat.
  • Moderators have final call on what must and must not go in the Fastlane.
  • Even in the Fastlane, certain things are still not allowed: No racism, bigotry, sexism, spam, calls for violence or doxxing.
  • PG-13 content only. No overt nudity or gore.
  • It is expected that arguments will sometimes get heated in the Fastlane. If you are routinely name calling or being vicious toward another member, you might be put on "Forced Ignore" with that person, or be banned from Fastlane. Once or twice in the Fastlane is understandable, but constant attacks are not.

Requirements For Access

Status: You currently do not have access to the FastLane.

The Fastlane is not open to all members. To gain access, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be in good standing with the site moderators. Your account must not be banned (permanently or temporarily).
  • Your account must be at least 100 days old.
  • You must have posted at least 100 times in the General Chat forums.
  • You must have posted to the General Chat forums in the last 48 hours (inactive accounts lose access after 48 hours).

Navigating to the Fastlane

If you have access to the FastLane, you can find it by clicking on the category navigation drop down menu located on the Chat home page, just above the list of discussions, then selecting "Fastlane".

What About Free Speech?

Although the rules on the Fastlane are more relaxed, there are still rules, and moderators have the final say in what will and won't be allowed.

The Fastlane is a private social forum, operated on privately owned servers, and is privately owned and operated. Thus, there is no "free speech" protection that applies to the chat forums. The site owners have the right to moderate and control the content on their servers as they see fit. By participating in the chat forums, you agree to abide by the rules set forth by the site owners. If you ignore moderators, fight with moderators, break forum rules, or otherwise cause problems in the group, you may be banned from the Fastlane, or from the site entirely.

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