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New Yoga Class at Summer Creek H.S. Includes Technology

New Yoga Class at Summer Creek H.S. Includes Technology

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by: AtascocitaDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 2 weeks, 0 days ago   Oct 14 2020, 1:42pm 
New Yoga Class at Summer Creek H.S. Includes Technology
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Summer Creek High School is the first campus in Humble ISD to offer students a yoga class that teaches them not just about the basics of yoga, but also how to monitor heart health and how it impacts their overall wellness.
“Physical education in schools has changed dramatically over the years,” Helen Wagner, Humble ISD Coordinator of Physical Education and Wellness, said. “The focus is no longer just about playing a variety of sports, it’s about more choices for students that promote lifetime wellness.”
As part of the yoga curriculum, students are given electronic heart rate monitors to wear on their wrists that monitor heart rate. The device, which looks like a large wristwatch, glows a color based on the student’s heart rate.
The heart monitors allow students to be more conscious about their health and to experience in real-time the link between physical and mental health.
A total of 180 heart rate monitors were purchased using federal grant funds. There are enough monitors to accommodate students in six classes.
“Offering yoga has created new possibilities for our students,” Sarah Aguilar, Summer Creek High School P.E. teacher, said.
Aside from monitoring heart rates, the 40 minute class is helping students strengthen their overall physical and mental health, along with flexibility. Students practice mindfulness which includes breathing techniques that promote calmness and relaxation.
Interest in the class has been growing since it was first offered for the 2019-2020 school year. In that first year, enrollment was just 30 students. For the 2020-2021 school year, that number has doubled for the year, with 30 students enrolled in the fall semester class, while another 30 students have signed up for the spring semester class. The class is offered either in-person or virtually.
In-person classes are typically held in the SCHS gym because of the large space that allows for social distancing. A third gym, expected to open by 2021, could help house additional yoga classes in the future while allowing more groups to utilize the gym.
During favorable weather, classes are held on the athletic field outdoors. Students bring their own mats.
The class is offered in the morning to help students energize and focus for the day ahead.
“It definitely gets the blood moving,” Ms. Aguilar said. “Yoga helps students stay more alert and supports greater concentration on what they’re learning in yoga class as well as other classes.”
Ms. Aguilar became interested in yoga after injuring her back while participating in high school athletics.
“I found my way into a yoga class to help alleviate back pain,” Ms. Aguilar said. “Once I improved my flexibility, the injury went away and I improved my core strength.”
According to Ms. Aguilar, the popularity of her yoga class has reached beyond students.
“I have had teachers ask if they could take the class with the students,” she said. “I welcome all teachers who are interested in finding out more about this class.”
Ms. Aguilar has spent four of her eight years as a teacher at SCHS. She began her career as a biology teacher, while spending the last three years as a P.E. teacher.
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Weathergirl5 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 weeks, 0 days ago   Oct 14 2020, 1:46pm 
@AtascocitaDotCom : This is awesome. I wish they had had cool PE classes like this when I was in school. I would have preferred to take something like this over regular PE. I am more interested in overall wellness than playing sports or just running on the track.
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babypineapple Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 weeks, 0 days ago   Oct 14 2020, 4:14pm 
@Weathergirl5 : Exactly! Also, HS is already stressful, so I think adding yoga can def benefit the students.
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Weathergirl5 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 weeks, 0 days ago   Oct 14 2020, 4:39pm 
@babypineapple : I agree. Also it is some thing that you could do for the rest of your life. I know as a kid I hated PE. I would have loved some thing like yoga or Zumba with some thing even weight lifting.
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