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No More Distracted Driving

No More Distracted Driving

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Author Photo by: AtascocitaDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 8:48am 
Distracted driving has become an epidemic in the United States. It is currently one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in our nation. With technology as engaging and pervasive as ever, it's easier for drivers to get distracted.
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Drivers are 6 times more likely to be involved in an incident related to distracted driving than they are drunk driving. Thankfully, these incidents are preventable. In order to see tangible change in our communities and nation, the issue must be made known.

This united effort to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving and ultimately, eliminate preventable deaths, is an effort Constable Mark Herman's Office proudly stands behind. Join them in ending the epidemic to create safer roads and communities.
Follow these simple tips:

-Install an app that can block texts and phone calls while you are driving.

-Banish your distractions to the back seat so you don't have the option to reach for them.

-Plan your trip before you begin travelling. Wrangling a GPS system while driving is as bad as texting while driving. Take care of this before you get moving, make sure that by the time you hit the road, all that's required of you is to drive.

-Wake up earlier to groom yourself. The rear-view mirror is for road safety, not for completing your morning face routine. As tempting as it is to put on makeup in the car in a time crunch, it's a killer distraction that can easily be avoided. Easy if you remember the consequences, that is.

-There's always time to pull over. If an emergency strikes and you simply must use your cell phone or other device, just stop. If it's not important enough to stop, it's probably not important enough to use your device while you're driving. Pull-over spots are specifically designed for this, so you might as well make use of them.

-Remind yourself that emotional distraction is real. It's not always possible to avoid emotional mind-wandering. Again, we're humans, and that means by nature we're easily distracted. So, try mitigating this risk as much as possible. When you get behind the wheel, take a few deep breaths and do what it takes to put emotional stresses on pause. If you can't, don't drive.

Stay safe everyone!
www.facebook.com/Pre cinct4/
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Author Photo carol888 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 8:55am 
Great reminders. Now to teach the teens so as they grow up they continue.
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Author Photo LuGar Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 8:59am 
Great tips! Glad they mentioned the grooming. So many times I see woman driving (no men yet but wont rule it out) while starring at the visor mirror putting on eyeliner and steering with their knees!
Side Note: I am extremely impressed by this talent.
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Author Photo TXNS_fan Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 9:25am 
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I don't need to worry about steering with my knees. I can barely reach the pedals with my seat pulled all up
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Author Photo bbk Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 10:11am 
Why install an app so you don't receive a text or phone call just TURN THE PHONE OFF !!!! And yes put it in the back seat . Every person in my family talks on the phone while driving it just drives me insane !
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Author Photo Blackhorse77 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 10:25am 
@bbk : Exactly. Have some self control. Just don't answer it etc. it's not that hard
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Author Photo ladybeachbum Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 1:24pm 
I don't feel that talking is as dangerous as texting IF you have a car that it comes through and you don't have to pick up your phone. I never text without exiting and stopping the vehicle. Yesterday would have been a good example of why not to text and drive because 45 had a good many going 90 just to suddenly stop for who knows what. I watch behind me which might be a distraction.
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Author Photo Itsme Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 1:28pm 
@Blackhorse77 : I do it all day long. Not answer the phone that is
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Author Photo EddyFree Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 15 days ago   Apr 02 2019, 6:09pm 
I've already posted my long "vent" on this topic recently...I'm currently shopping for an "anti-cell phone while driving" bumper sticker...Haven't found one with the message I want to convey just yet...And I'm not a bumper sticker person at all....But I feel so strongly about this I'm making an exception...I'll even encourage others to do the same so we can get the message out that we don't need that **** on the roads...I'll even suggest that ADC put some anti-cell/text bumper stickers in the exchange to help spread the word...
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